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Certified Quality

The Fédération HandiDanse Adaptée Inclusive® has been Qualiopi certified since November 04, 2021.

Obtaining Qualiopi certification is real recognition of the quality processes implemented by our training organization.

This certification, mandatory for all training organizations, ensures full transparency regarding the training we offer.

Being Qualiopi certified is the guarantee of the quality of the various processes implemented by the Fédération HandiDanse Adaptée Inclusive®.

In the case of our organisation, this quality certification was issued under the category of training action.

The Fédération HandiDanse Adaptée Inclusive® has been referenced Data Dock since January 2022.

The Data Dock referencing brings a certain transparency and a certain readability in the sphere of our professional training organization.

Data Dock is a cross-cutting development tool for the various funding organizations thanks to a regulated framework that allows adherence to quality criteria that lends credibility to the actions of each of the parties.

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