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Dance Training

AVIO® Academy Federal Training

Training available in
Face-to-face and Remote

Last training carried out from June 12 to 15, 2023

Success rate: 100%

Baby Dance Training:

Become an Initiator, Animator or Specialized Dance Teacher "Baby Dance" in Portage and Standing


Body Expression Dance Training:

Become a Body Expression Dance Initiator

Training Locations

TOPS-DE-FRANCE:Paris - Cambrai




OVERSEAS:Guadeloupe - Reunion (Sainte-Marie)

The premises are accessible to people with reduced mobility

Training Locations

TOPS-DE-FRANCE: Paris - Cambrai




OVERSEAS: Guadeloupe - Reunion (Sainte-Marie)

The premises are accessible to people with reduced mobility

Remote training

Since the various confinements established from 2020 due to the health crisis, we have created unique distance learning courses

The design of this new format required work and rigor for all our professionals in order to be able to transmit all the educational content present in our training courses already present.

With a 100% satisfaction rate for each of these training courses, we continue to offer this format for trainees who cannot travel to our training locations.

Any apprehensions about distancing?
Here is the testimony of an intern:

Also check out the reviews:

The teaching team is made up of Mrs. Cécile AVIO, Psychiatrists, Specialized Educators, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, State-certified Dance Teachers, exempted and qualified HandiDance Teachers, Specialized Baby Dance Teachers

These courses based on the AVIO® Method are accessible to all Dance options:
Jazz - Classical - Contemporary - Hip Hop - African - Spanish - Flamenco - Couple dances - Country
and many more

The educational tools transmitted are adaptable to your option.


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