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HandiDanse training

Medical-Social Staff - Hospital Staff


Are you from one of the sectors above or do you have no experience in Dance?

Inclusive Adapted HandiDance Initiation Training® are made for you

Training from the AVIO Academy it is:

100% success in the last session of 2023!


"Initiateur HandiDanse Adaptée Inclusive®"

Training available in
Face-to-face or Remote

Find information on Dates - Locations - Prices through our Registration Files

Module 1 - Option 1

 Intellectual Disability, Mental Handicap, Psychic Illnesses and Autism

Module 1 - Option 2

Physical, motor and multiple disabilities

Module 1 - Option 1

 Intellectual Disability, Mental Handicap, Psychic Illnesses and Autism

Module 1 - Option 3

Dance for the elderly with or without impairment(s) and suffering from pathology(ies) related to old age

Module 1 - Option 4B

Visual impairments

"Initier la pratique HandiDanse Adaptée®" 

Formation disponible uniquement en Présentiel


Danse et déficience intellectuelle, handicap mental, maladies psychiques, autisme,
handicap physique, moteur, polyhandicap, déficiences sensorielles (auditive et visuelle), maladies dégénératives liées à la vieillesse (personnes âgées avec ou sans dépendance)

Cette option regroupe tous les handicaps et déficiences ; elle regroupe l'option 1, 2, 3 et 4 du module 1.


“Dance Teacher or Facilitator Specializing in Healthy Dance”

Training available in
Face-to-face or Remote


Option 1

Welcome during the dance class/workshops, people with cancer, people with diabetes, people suffering from COPD, asthma, severe to morbid obesity;

Option 2

Accueillir durant le cours/ateliers danse, des personnes victimes de trauma et/ou souffrant de SSPT

Option 3

Accueillir durant le cours/ateliers danse, des personnes avec TSA ou TDA-H


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What happens after following one of our training courses?

The support from the AVIO Academy does not end with the end of the training.
Holders of certifications and diplomas continue to benefit from the advice of the Academy team to advise them according to their needs as long as their membership is valid.

Following AVIO Academy training means joining a team.
All the work is structured around a partnership and a complementary and harmonious relationship between trainees and trainers.

Sometimes routines and work habits set in and you can distance yourself from the essentials of the AVIO® Method.
To consolidate your practice and ensure the quality of your training, the Academy offers post-training follow-up.

These evaluations, carried out a few months later, after “decantation”, will allow you to highlight your learning and the use of the knowledge and skills acquired.  

It is not a question of control but of an interest in the success of your projects thanks to quality work, faithful to the objectives of HandiDanse Adaptée Inclusive®.

Our Satisfaction Surveys

Download HERE our satisfaction survey regarding trainings HandiDanse Adaptée Inclusive® for Medical-Social, Hospital Staff and others 2022

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