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The company
Adapted HandiDance Included
Cécile Avio

Dance is accessible to everyone!

Whatever the dance option, whatever the disability, the Cécile Avio Company demonstrates that the barriers of “social difference” are disappearing to make way for full-fledged dancers.

This show presents different choreographies integrating disabled dancers (blind dancers, autistic dancers, those with Down syndrome, intellectually disabled, physically disabled and cerebral palsy, etc.) with able-bodied dancers or all together, combined, evolve with a stage and technical expression breathtaking. 


Disability leaves room for difference like everyone else.

The different worlds of dance accessible to disabled people are represented in the different choreographic tables (contemporary dance, jazz, hip hop, tango, waltz etc.).

This show is offered throughout France.

Composition of the Company:

9 dancers including 5 in a situation of disability(ies) and/or deficiency(ies).
(Cécile, Anastasia, Cindy, Enzo, Fanny, Louis, Madeline
, Manon and Wendy)
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