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Since 1992, Cécile AVIO leads a daily fight to assert the rights of every disabled, deficient and elderly person and she is convinced that the Art of Dance has its place in the field of integration, inclusion as bodily messages and sensory.

Dance allows all these vulnerable people to harmonize their differences, to express themselves, to develop and affirm their personality to integrate: TO BE A DANCER.

On the other hand, Cécile AVIO thinks that raising awareness among able-bodied people in the artistic world and integrating disabled dancers into the cultural world is necessary in order to allow them to better understand the difference and to prove to them that it only exists in the arts. a priori.

What could be more natural than wanting to dance, wanting to illuminate the stage and the hearts of the spectators with your talent? To be recognized through a dance technique and to transmit the emotion of the danced movement...

It is by adapting to their handicap(s), deficiency(ies), by using the technical tools of the AVIO® teaching Method, by obtaining the necessary means for each, that extraordinary results materialize.      

Handidanse0106 (09)_edited.jpg

In order to create her teaching method, Cécile AVIO has had solid and concrete experience since 1992 in the field of teaching dance to children, adults and aging people:

Public with hearing disabilities (including deaf and blind, including deaf BMI)

Public with visual disabilities (including associated intellectual and motor disabilities)

Public with motor or physical disabilities (including paraplegics, hemiplegics, quadriplegics, head trauma patients, amputees, BMI, etc.)

Public with mental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, autism

Multiple disabled audience

Elderly and dependent public, aging people suffering from degenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.)

Many new “HandiDanseurs” are emerging and are added to this list from year to year.

Cécile AVIO created her method in 1992, and voluntarily opened her first HandiDanse workshops and shows in 1994, she created the practice HandiDanse Adaptée Inclusive®.

1992 - 1994

In 1992, after having been trained in French Sign Language and having approached the various medical and medico-social bodies in order to learn about the different existing pathologies mainly relating to disability,
Cécile AVIO creates her own teaching method.

At the end of intense training, Cécile AVIO administered her first HandiDanse workshops in 1994 for deaf and hard of hearing people, then for all types of disabilities, initially in Nice, Marseille and Toulon.

PHOTO 1996_edited.jpg

Cécile AVIO and her first deaf and hard of hearing students in 1994

PHOTO 1994_edited.jpg

First performance following Cécile AVIO's first HandiDanse workshops in 1994

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