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The Label
HandiDance Adapted Inclusive
Federal Dance Certificates and Diplomas National recognition label:

Improve teacher skills

"In order to improve, progress, enrich and deepen your knowledge, evolve educationally within the Fédération HandiDanse Adaptée Inclusive® it is necessary to practice the AVIO® active pedagogical method "


 Thanks to the competence of the qualified trainers Teachers, Animators and Initiators specialized in Baby Dance and Body Expression Dance, the speakers and thanks to the quality of the content of the training courses created by Cécile AVIO, the F.H.D.A.I. participates to raise the level of national qualification of AVIO Professors, Facilitators, Initiators and Trainers of the Federation


These elements currently determine the Federal Dance Training Label by:

1) A unique national training course in France based on rich studies, analyzes and educational research over more than 30 years of practice.

2) The Skills of Trainers Trained and Graduated AVIO Trainer.

3) Specific educational support recognized for its effectiveness: the results are convincing.

4) Concrete and evolving situations.

5) The advanced/refresher training sessions accessible to all F.H.D.A.I graduates.®.

Certificates and Diplomas

The diplomas"Initiateur Spécialisé Danse Bébé" Or
"Animateur Spécialisé Danse Bébé" or “Professeur Spécialisé Danse Bébé” will be issued to those who successfully complete ongoing assessments.

The diplomas "Initiateur Spécialisé en Danse Expression Corporelle" will be issued to those who successfully complete ongoing assessments.

This title also allows you to:

  • Have federal recognition at the national level in the field of educational transmission of Dance to dancers, babies and their caregivers.

  • Have federal recognition at the national level in the field of artistic creation on choreographic composition or workshops.

  • Benefit from the F.H.D.A.I. Dance quality label.®.

The Dance Label of the

The F.H.D.A.I.® issues Federal Dance Diplomas as a professional training organization when skills are validated.

As a member (during the current school year), trained and qualified, you automatically benefit from the Dance Label.

It proves your know-how and the safety of dancers and babies during your workshops.

It can be displayed in early childhood establishments or other places of dance intervention.

It can be used in all your communication documents during the year of validity. 

The F.H.D.A.I. Dance Label.® It is :
Proof that you have followed and validated one or more training courses in the AVIO® Method, a method based on more than 30 years of research and experience. Real recognition of your work, security and a quality guarantee for your dancers.

The possibility of receiving course requests that arrive at the Federation: registration in the F.H.D.A.I. directory.® as for all initiators, facilitators and qualified dance teachers who offer activities or courses quality. 

This label is issued upon simple request provided that:

o   your membership is up to date;

o   your training is validated by one or more F.H.D.A.I diplomas.®

To become a member or renew your membership, click on the link below:

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