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"Reconnaissance des Acquis de la Formation et de l'Expérience"

If you have acquired a minimum of 3 years of experience teaching dance to a disabled public, you can now request the RAFE file.


R.A.F.E. FEDERAL DIPLOMA Animateur HandiDanse Adaptée Inclusive®
(Animator, Choreographer, Dancer and Handidanse graduates before May 9, 2011)

R.A.F.E. FEDERAL DIPLOMA Professeur HandiDanse Adaptée Inclusive®
(Teacher holding a State Diploma, an Equivalence, an Exemption or a Certificate of Aptitude and people who graduated in Disability before May 9, 2011)


The R.A.F.E. can be fully covered by an Organization or your Employer.
If you opt for individual financing, you have the option of staggering the payment.

We are here to support you in your projects and to help you complete your file.

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